Friday, April 20, 2012

My Favorite Fenway Moment

This is clearly the greatest moment in Fenway History. It make people that aren't fans, give a glimpse that Sox fans aren't all doom and gloom. We kept watching because, although we got our hearts broken we kept believing. We are down 3 game to 0, against a team that broke our heart just a year ago, and against the greatest closer to ever play. The rest...well is history

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life Sucks

Life is bullshit. No really, there is really only about .1% of the population that don't really believe that. You spent 18 years (or more) doing nothing at school, and learn nothing about real life. You learned how to write (not me), or add, or do some division, but that has nothing to do with real life. You know what they didn't teach you about, taxes. You know what else, bills. Or really any of the bullshit of life.

You go to school and think oh life is going to be great, look at this teacher they are happy, or look at this adult they are normal. First if an adult looks normal chances are they will kill you in your sleep and take your eyes as a prize. The only normal adults are the ones that look like they are nuts, because they are, and they know it. Stay far away from normal looking adults.

You go to school and learn Algebra, guess what they don't teach you. That the Government is going to blast your ass with taxes. They tell you in school about Federal Taxes...maybe, you know what they don't tell you about. Medicare or Social Security that right now you will pay into, but probably not see anything from either program. Where is this money going? Oh it's going to your parents because their parents did a ton of banging after World War II. Then you will go to work, and pay these taxes and for what, roads with potholes and more lies from politicians. Politicians aren't happy people either; their only pleasure is screwing everyone. Republican, Democrat, Independent, it doesn't matter they all hate you too.

You know what else they don't teach you in school, work sucks. I hated school, it was bullshit, and I was like I need a job. I got a job and let me tell you, I want school back. You interview about this job, and they tell you how great it is. You know what's great about 98% of jobs, the paycheck, and even they are usually depressing. Your boss is usually going to be either a prick or an idiot. Your coworkers will annoy the shit out of beyond anything you can imagine. Don't even get a job working with the public; these people are the worst ever.

So my advice to anyone who hasn't left school yet, don't, stay in school forever. Find a ton of money and never work a job. It's just a huge ass blast.