Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Craft Beer Mini-Rant

Goose Island and Red Hook, are they craft beer?

Most people will say no, because they are partly/wholly owned by InBev, but I say to those people, just stop. Being a craft beer fan isn't about fighting some holy war, it's about drinking well made, hand CRAFTED beer.

People have picked a nemisis in this fight, and it's Belgian conglomerete that dominates beer in the US and the World. Do I like Bud Light, Coors, or Miller, not really. Will I drink it if it's offered by someone, sure why not. Do I think that the people at these companies can make good or even great beer, of course! It is naive to believe that they can't, and as much as people may hate to hear it's also snobbish.

So why support subsidiaries of these huge companies but not their flagship products? One word, quality. Everyone (at least I hope), got into Craft beer not to fight a war, but to drink good beer. It seems as though some have lost their way, as people do when things get popular. Sam Adams has seen it from Beer snobs, they are to big to make good beer. Well folks be prepared because most of the brewers making great beer want to get bigger (this is not always the case, and it's not a bad thing if they don't want to get bigger). What's next, Dogfish is to big, Stone is to big, my favorite "local" beer is to big.

Why can't people just sit down and enjoy beer? Sure we should be teaching our friends and family that this beer, although more expesnive, is a much better product. Explain to them why we would travel 3-4 hours (sometimes longer) for beer, let them try why, actually. I wish we would see people getting back to why we all started drinking craft beer, the beer. Drop the attitude and just enjoy beer.